Seegene Germany

Awarded Grand Prize of WEB AWARD KOREA

Dec 12, 2019

On December 12, the homepage of Seegene that has been operated since the renewal in May this year received the honorary award of “Grand Prize of WEB AWARD KOREA 2019.” 

WEB AWARD KOREA is the South Korea’s largest web award in which best internet services of each area are selected among newly established or renewed websites in South Korea during the year of 2019 through an online evaluation done by about 3,000 internet specialists. The internet specialists who participated as reviewers recognized websites with innovative and excellent services in areas of visual design, UI/UX design, IT technology, contents, marketing, and services and selected the winners.

Seegene homepage, which has been awarded the grand prize, is operated based on the newly launched website-unified management-system (SG-WIMS). It is a type of digital service that is truly a distinguished one based on the multi-national system database for the public since the establishment of the company. SG-WIMS has been planned to connect departments, as well as communicating with company branches and agencies worldwide, and through receiving this award, the homepage of Seegene has been recognized as the center of the global online network of Seegene. 

Generally, a large web solution development needs to recruit a lot of specialists through outsourcing to provide a verified service because of its complex process or planning. However, Seegene itself has performed all development processes including planning, designing and database designing without outsourcing at all. Therefore, it was especially meaningful that the IT power of Seegene, a biotechnology company, was proved through this award. 

The developer who received this award directly said, “A small number of people accomplished surprisingly many achievements, and I am very glad that this great service was initiated by me. Also, I hope to have a bigger role, if not as an engine, as a lubricant for communication in Seegene.” 

WEB AWARD KOREA has been held since 2004, and in this year, the event has its 16th one. There are 699 companies in 13 areas registered for evaluation, and the online qualifications began since October 23 by the reviewers, and the competitive final review was completely as well. As the final review result, the personal internet banking service of KB Kookmin Bank received the first prize, and the mobile web top prize was awarded to Hana Card for its digital platform in which daily activities are specialized.