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Research presentation of LMCE respiratory products

Sep 27, 2019

Today, at BEXCO in Busan, LMCE 2019 (Laboratory Medicine Congress & Exhibition), which is an academic conference of the Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine and an international symposium, is being held. In this conference, Seegene presented the research result whose topic was “Respiratory MDx - leading a better way to treatment.”

In this symposium, Professor Yiel Hea Seo of Gachon University Gil Medical Center led a total of two programs as a chairperson. In the first lecture, Professor Jae-Seok Kim of Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital presented the research result on comparison between diagnostic products for testing multiple pathogens of respiratory diseases in real time, and in the second lecture, Professor Chang Kyu Lee of Korea University Anam Hospital presented the research on detection of virus in patients with the upper and lower respiratory diseases.

The representative test products for real-time multiplex testing are the world’s renowned Seegene products and FilmArray® of Biofire. Professor Jae-Seok Kim compared FilmArray® Respiratory Panel with Seegene Allplex™ Respiratory panel 1/2/3 and showed that Allplex products had greater performances in some virus targets.

The second clinical study presentation was the result of virus detection in upper airway swab sample and lower airway sputum sample when testing for respiratory diseases in adult hospitalized patients. According to this research result, for confirming the virus infection status of the respiratory tract, a sputum sample from lower airway, which is closer to the lung, was able to provide the more accurate infection status. Seegene Allplex products not only perform real-time multiplex testing but also provide Ct values for each target so that it was emphasized that they were useful to follow up the viral concentration detected in upper and lower airway or compare their differences.

At the exhibition hall that day, the Seegene booth was prepared with the concept of pop art, and an event of taking pictures and printing them immediately was held. Although it was simply taking pictures, the results (i.e. printed pictures) were good pieces of work so that they were like Seegene products.

The LMCE (Laboratory Medicine Congress & Exhibition) is an international academic conference held by the Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine in every autumn. There is also an academic conference held by the Korean Society for Laboratory Medicine in every spring, and these conferences that are held twice per year are the largest diagnostics conferences. Next year, LMCE 2020 will be held in Songdo, Incheon.