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World’s major medias, focusing on Seegene’s COVID-19 diagnostic product

Apr 07, 2020

As COVID-19 is spreading all over the world, the well-known media in the US and Europe have had great interest in Seegene’s rapid product development ability and product performance and reported heavily on them.

CNN and ABC of the US visited the Seegene’s headquarters and reported how Seegene developed COVID-19 diagnostic product in 3 weeks to respond to the Korea’s national crisis. Also, they reported very positively that the Korean health authority showed administrative judgment by processing an emergency authorization promptly, and Seegene reduced the development time with its IT technology and supplied high-quality products smoothly. In the TV program, ABC introduced Seegene as “Korea’s highly demanded coronavirus-related manufacturing company” and closely aired the actual performance of the product along with the order situation from many countries and the inspection site of Seegene Medical Foundation.

Especially, Forbes, an U.S. business magazine, has selected the CEO of Seegene as its cover and issued a special article that introduced Seegene’s product as a representative diagnostic kit that helped to overcome COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Also, the article broadly covered the backgrounds of COVID-19 diagnostic product development, manufacturing status, overall business shape and sales trend of Seegene. In addition, it was introduced in a Korea’s Joongang magazine with a title called “Jong-Yoon Chun, the world’s leader in COVID-19 diagnostic kits, surprised the world.

Meanwhile, in Europe, BGM of France and RAI (government-run broadcast) of Italy reported on Seegene. RAI broadcast a special program on Arrow diagnostics (Seegene’s subsidiary in Italy), in order to accurately convey information that Seegene’s test kit covers 80% of the total test volume across Italy, it plainly showed actual supply of products in the regions of Veneto, Lombardy and Piedmont. The program expressed encouragement and gratitude toward the company’s employees that made efforts for 24 hours per day to combat this pandemic.

Seegene is doing its best to meet the increased demand of products, and all employees are making great efforts to overcome COVID-19 crisis of the world beyond Korea.