Seegene Germany

Holding Seegene German Symposium for Customers

Sep 17, 2019

At 9 am today, a place for evaluation by Seegene’s customers, deepening the understanding of Seegene products based on various clinical cases, and sharing ideas on various application methods was prepared in Frankfurt.

A German branch of Seegene has been developed very rapidly for the last three years since the establishment in 2017 because the products of Seegene have had reputation of being excellent, and the branch has developed the strong infrastructure with many local customers.

In this symposium, a total of 10 sessions regarding 8 cases of actual experiences of customers, a new launching product, and a service were held. Furthermore, a very detailed Q&A session enabled participants to freely talk about differences between various methods or other global products. Moreover, successful cases through introduction of Seegene products were shared, and customers themselves presented and discussed about new alternatives of diagnostic methods or new consideration regarding using both methods.

The symposium started with a presentation that Seegene showed successful cases of HPV national screening, and the world’s integrated prevalence rate software would launch new in Germany. After that, integrated test cases of STI and HPV in Germany, Swiss clinical cases of MG-DR, which have become big issues, case of introducing Seegene automated solution in Belgium, GI molecular diagnostic conversion cases, other companies’ comparison cases of respiratory/HPV/MTB/Meningitis, etc. were presented in order. Also, in this symposium whose presentations were in German, the presenters and customers participated in all sessions with their heart and soul for the future of German diagnostic tests.

Among them, Dr. Martin Altwegg, who presented the Swiss MG-DR clinical study result, said, “The world’s popular test issues are probably the drug tolerance test products developed mainly by advanced countries. The reason that many global companies launched drug tolerance test products is that they have become so required for the risks and accurate treatment. I myself participated in this symposium to mention that not only MG infection status test but also drug tolerance test should be performed, and it drew lots of responses and agreement.” Also, he said and expressed his satisfaction with Seegene, “I am very satisfied that only Seegene products can perform accurate MG-DR diagnostic tests, and they are designed in a way to perform such tests at the same time while performing the preexisting STI tests. Furthermore, rapid testing is possible in the lab because of convenient automated equipment line. Thus, I am really satisfied with Seegene automated solution as well.” 

Moreover, he clearly expressed his expectation on the product scheduled to be launched by saying, “I heard that a drug tolerance test product for Moxifloxacin, which is other than a drug tolerance test product for Azithromycin, would be launched in the coming December. I even hope that it would be launched faster.”

This symposium for customers was a symposium in which customers of the German branch who used Seegene products and directly participated, and it started with the Seegene overview opening at 6 PM yesterday (16th).