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Seegene donates 20,000 COVID-19 tests to Ecuador

PR Newswire

Dec 17, 2020

Seegene Inc. (KQ096530), a South Korean biotechnology company specializing in molecular diagnostics says it has donated 20,000 COVID-19 tests (Allplex™ SARS-CoV-2 Assay) to Ecuadorian government to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic together. The South Korean company said the COVID-19 tests will be distributed to National Institute for Public Health Research (INSPI) in capital city of Quito and Cuenca as well as to Quito city government.

Ecuador's health ministry said as of Tuesday this week, the country has a total of 202,356 confirmed COVID-19 cases with the death toll standing at 9,357.

South Korea's leading molecular diagnostic manufacturer said it anticipates the COVID-19 tests will support caregivers in times of need, and added that it also hopes to counter the rapidly spreading virus across South America. It also stressed that in order to curb the spread of coronavirus, the speed of testing should be faster than that of infection.

Earlier in November, Ecuador's Foreign Minister Luis Gallegos visited Seegene headquarters in Seoul and expressed gratitude saying that Ecuador is "thankful for Seegene's generosity in donating diagnostic tests." Gallegos added the donations "will become a very meaningful contribution to our government and Ecuadorian people."

Seegene had previously contributed COVID-19 tests to government entities and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and to Mexico's health ministry. The company says it plans on supporting communities and governments around the world in the prolonged battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seegene's aggregated annual sale surpassed KRW 1 trillion early December and has exported more than 55 million COVID-19 tests to more than 60 countries in the first three quarters this year. The company recently announced its plans to expand its annual production capacity to KRW 5 trillion by early next year.