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Nov 15, 2016

Seegene and Institut Catala d'Oncologia(ICO) enter MOU for mutual cooperation
- Conducting clinical research with clinical specimens related to cancers and developing cancer diagnostic products through mutual collaboration
- Seegene implements ‘Project 100’ and plans to expand product portfolio covering from infectious diseases to cancer diagnosis
Seegene and Institut Catala d'Oncologia (ICO), a world-renowned cancer institute in Spain, have entered into collaboration in conducting clinical studies of Seegene’s molecular diagnostic products and developing products related to cancer diagnosis.
Seegene Inc. (096530.KQ, CEO Jong-Yoon Chun), the world’s leading developer of multiplex molecular technologies & assays, today (15th November, local time), announced the conclusion of an MOU with the ICO for cooperation in clinical research and development of new cancer related products.
Dr. Josep Maria Vila (president of the ICO), Dr. Silvia de Sanjose (chief of Cancer Epidemiology Research Program, ICO), and Dr. Xavier Bosch (senior consultant of CERP and the ICO & eminent expert in HPV prevention) attended the signing ceremony, drawing nationwide attention in Spain to the MOU between Seegene and the ICO.
ICO, one of the most authoritative cancer laboratories in Europe, has built unequaled research and service accomplishments in diagnosis and treatment of various cancers that include cervical cancer, head & neck cancer as well as endometrial cancer. Through mutual cooperation with the ICO, Seegene plans to conduct clinical research with various cancer-related clinical specimens and to develop new cancer screening products.
The MOU with the ICO is the first step toward Seegene’s ‘Project 100: One platform MDx Solution’, its new strategy to diversify its product portfolio. Seegene’s Project 100, built on its innovative SG Oligo and automated assay development system, aims at developing about 100 new molecular diagnostic products within the next two years by atomizing the whole processes of product development, clinical trial, manufacturing and quality control.
All new developed MDx assays can be operated on Seegene’s one automation platform. This will present an uncharted direction to the molecular diagnostics industry in which most molecular detection tests covered on one platform, just like other commonly used diagnostics such as immunodiagnostics and biochemical diagnostics.
Through ‘Project 100’, Seegene also plans to diversify its MDx product portfolio from infectious disease products to any application that includes cancer diagnosis, blood screening, drug resistance, and genotyping products.
According to Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO and Founder of Seegene, “It is very encouraging to build partnership with the ICO for clinical evaluation of Seegene’s products as the first step toward successful implementation of Project 100,” and “it is expected to reduce the period of product development and clinical research that have demanded considerable costs and research manpower for a long time. And better yet, multiple academic theses can be published in the symposium as well.”
Dr. Xavier Bosch explains the importance of MOU as “Seegene’s multiplex real-time PCR technology will contribute to commercialization of the ICO’s cancer research results,” and “cooperation with Seegene, would enable to develop cancer detection products and conduct convergence research, which is expected to be a major contributor to major cancer diagnosis and prevention, our areas of interests.”
Seegene plans to launch 100 new products by 2018 to lead to standardization and widespread use of molecular diagnostics through Project 100 and is actively looking for clinical research partnerships with medical institutes across the world, with its first major move with the ICO in Spain.
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